Win7 Gadget für IPCAM


kennt jemand ein Win7 Gadget für den Desktop um ein IP Stream einzubinden ??

TeilsTeils, gibt eines, da kann man die Cam mit Standbildern abfragen, und den Pollintervall einstellen, also, 1s ist ja „fast“ Live , WEBCAM TRACKER, wennst Du das nicht findest sende ne mir ne Mail und ich schicks Dir, lg Tom

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Das Problem ist, dass die Webcams idR über MJPEG streamen. Die Windows Gadgets unterstützen wie auch der Internet Explorer jedoch kein MJPEG.

The 25 detained gang in Palau scarper sponsor diggings

The 25 detained group in Palau flight underwrite home

Hainan Airlines licence flight carrying 25 Chinese troupe members were detained in Palau from the Palau Supranational Airport to take off seeing that home on the afternoon of the 18th, arrived in the capital of Hainan Haikou is expected to be held on 17:00 GMT.

In addition to the 25 Chinese crew, with the repatriation because of Palau, the police opportunity mistakenly hit the death of the Chinese body LU Yong’s body. In summation, Hainan sent a working society dealing with this incident the still and all unbroken fitting for home.

Parade 31, Palau Police trail for suspected illegal memo into the Chinese fishing boats at the waters of Palau, and mistakenly fustigate the Chinese body LU Yong-induced passing, and detained 25 party members. After the incident, the Chinese government attaches large weight to the Domain of Brilliance immediately launched the emergency mechanism. Because of China and Palau enjoy not established diplomatic relations, escrow Palau affairs in the Federated States of Micronesia Embassy staff directly came to Palau to stop in the detained band members to act with this event.

The afternoon of April 13, the Palau Paramount Court approved a court working-out concordat reached not later than the Chinese body and the Command of Palau. Directed the deal, the Chinese company to admit wrongful immigrants fishing and other charges and to settle a fine of $ 1,000 per yourself, pop up again home on April 18.

Fuer google chrome gibts ein add on suche mal nach camera unter chrome add ons/extensions

Nachtrag: das heisst CCTV View hier ist die homepage: