Security Camera with Wi-Fi Enterprise

Security Camera with Wi-Fi Enterprise

Set up with Synology RADIUS Server & OpenWRT Router!


:lock: Strengthen the security of your WiFi network with our latest tutorial on WiFi Enterprise Encryption! In this video, we guide you through the step-by-step process of setting up robust enterprise-level encryption using a Synology RADIUS Server and an OpenWRT WiFi router.

:globe_with_meridians: WHAT TO EXPECT:

Introduction to WiFi Enterprise Encryption: Understand the significance of enterprise-level security for your wireless network.
Synology RADIUS Server Setup: Walkthrough on configuring your Synology device to act as a RADIUS server for authentication and encryption.

OpenWRT Router Configuration: Learn how to integrate your OpenWRT WiFi router with the RADIUS server, ensuring seamless encryption across your network. Troubleshooting Tips: Address common challenges and ensure a smooth implementation of WiFi Enterprise Encryption.


Discover the advantages of enterprise-grade encryption for your WiFi network, providing an extra layer of security through individualized authentication and encryption keys.

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