IN-8003 Suddenly stopped working after 2 days


I bought 4 IN-8003 cameras, and I installed them 2 days ago. One of them stopped working suddenly today: it doesn’t turn on. If I connect the AC adapter, then it works, so PoE is the problem, but I need to power them using a PoE switch.

This is what I have tried:

  • Replacing ethernet cable (using the one that Instar supplies with the camera): it doesn’t work
  • Changing switch ethernet port: it doesn’t work
  • Replacing the camera cable (from PCB to RJ45 plug) using another from other of my IN-8003 cameras: it doesn’t work
  • Connecting another camera to the ethernet cable that is connected to the one that is not working: the other camera is working

So, I think it’s a problem of the camera. Is there any other thing I can try? Or should I ask you for an RMA?

Maybe the electrical contacts of the cameras plug are too deep inside. In that case they might get into worse contact with the wires of the cable. If possible try to bend up the wires of the cable a little bit.

Thank you for your answer. Yesterday I sent the camera to Instar so they can repair it.