Camera works only in BW mode, IR LED is not working.

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hope you are also able to read and write in english, but for any support in Deutsch I would also appreciate very much, I can read well, but cannot write yet :slight_smile:

ok, what has happens? after some time the camera started to show the picture only in Black and White format, like it switched to night mode completely, but in the same time the IR LED doesn’t work. First I checked the new firmware and reset all settings - it didn’t help. Then I opened the camera and started to inspect circuits. First I checked the IR LEDs and all of them are fine, the light sensor also in good condition. I have found on the small PCB which is responsible for the IR light the connector where should come 12 volt, but there is only 2.5V. I disconnected the incoming power, checked it and it has 12V, thus it means something consuming almost all energy in this PCB and in the same time doesn’t run the IR LEDs. When I disconnected the power I heard a „click“ in the objective, and then I started to see normal colorful video. I assume that something has happened with this small PCB and it sends to the camera signal that already night(thus camera is switching itself to BW mode), and in the same time consuming all energy but not switching the IR LEDs ON.

If you have any ideas, or at least the circuit diagram which I can use for troubleshooting what is going on there, I would much appreciate it.

Thank you all for your support in advance!

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Hi A.B. ,

are you still within the warranty period (2 years after purchase) ? If yes, simply send us your camera and we will fix it for you.

If you no longer have your warranty, you can order the the IR LED ring from our shop - just mention that you need the LED control board as well and we will include it.

I assume that your LED Ring (or the control board) must be shorted somewhere - maybe a faulty soldering point. You can just swap the broken part.

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Unfortunately I have bought the camera not directly from you, but from private seller on eBay, means no warranty was provided. Regarding to buy the LED Ring, but mine is working, I tested the components separately, the problem only with the PCB which controls it. How much will cost only this PCB?

I have found already a part of the schema with the PWM controller T6322A-A, will check this circuit later today. I am going to dissolder all components and check them separately and the circuits on PCB itself, hopefully will find the damaged component or wire.

BTW: inside, on all components I see small white particles, like sand, I was wondering where this sand comes from, but then later found the small bag with silikagel, it is not a grnular anymore, the whole bag is with this small white sand… Will cleanup all this stuff with dust-cleaner and with high pressure air. It might be that this sand sits under the small SMD components and shortcuts it somewhere.



if you just need the LED driver board, contact our Sales Department - vertrieb ad instar dot de. They will be able to help you. Don´t forget to add a photo of the component to your mail.

It is correct, we added a bag of silica gel to earlier batches of your camera model. But they were removed later on. This silica dust should not conduct electricity and cause any problems on the PCBs. But some spring cleaning never hurts.

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Hi Team,

Dissoldering of the components helped partly, it already works on the table as expected, seems the theory with wet silikagel which absorbed the water and later becomes conductive worked out here, after soldering the components which has been checked separately each it started to work.

Then I assembled the whole camera and the problem has come back :(. I thought maybe there is somewhere contact with the aluminum housing, but no, I took the video of this strange behavior, do you have any ideas? I have tried already bend the cables in any angles but it didn’t help.

Here is some pictures of the PCB and video.

b2e7d4927af84ee38c25452481f2564e.jpg looks fine but doesn’t work
17158b137b6b48bba96074b0c6f7eab9.jpg Cleaned PCB

b4f0a682e68d41809da5efa3fb2de1b5.jpg Components has come back and the IR light again in operation

Hi Team,

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is there any thoughts about the problem I have? Have you see this video I have attached?

thank you for your support in advance!

I am looking forward to seeing your feedback soon!


Hi Team,

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I have resolved the problem, now camera works as expected.

Problem 1 - Sandy silikagel absolbed water under the smd components
Problem 2 - Wires made of iron (stick to the magnet), one cable had a different resistance with different flexures

Have a good time!