Audio outputs from the IN-8015 camera not usable from a computer?

From my Android Wifi tablet, when I press the microphone icon of the InstarVision App, the speakers of my local camera correctly repeat what I say in the microphone of the Android.
However, from my PC microphone, with the web browser open on the IP address of my local camera, I cannot send sound to the speakers of my IN-8015 Full HD camera.
Note: what is said in the camera microphone is always repeated correctly on the PC speakers.
On the PC web page, which button should you press to hear what is said on the PC microphone on the camera?
On the PC, do I have to buy another INSTAR software for the PC microphone to be sent to the camera?
Here is the configuration:
PC: Connected in Wifi with Windows 7 + Chrome + Flash player activated.
IN-8015 Full HD camera: brand new and connected by RJ45 cable.
Thanks in advance for your help

Hello Paul,

and welcome to the forum.

Windows 7 is a Problem - we do offer a free Windows App (which is identical in functionality to your Android app). But this app requires Windows 8 - 10.

Unfortunately, the 2-way audio cannot be used from the web user interface of your camera inside a web browser.

Thank you m.polinowski for your reply.
So I tried the InstarVision application on my other Wifi PC with Windows 10 + Chrome + Flash Player and the „IN-8015 Full HD“ camera connected to the LAN with an RJ 45 cable connected to my router.
On Windows 10 I therefore downloaded the InstarVision METRO App from the Microsoft store and I therefore added a camera by selecting IN-8015 (RTSP), I also defined the QR code of the camera.
With InstarVision Metro on PC, when I go to the Camera / manage cameras / Modify menus and press Test, I can see my camera image BUT when I use the Multi-view menu I get the message / no connection "
Where’s my mistake?
Thank you in advance

Oh ok - I did not know that one either. But the 2-way audio is only available if you choose the none-RTSP camera model.

You can go to Cameras click and edit your camera and select IN-8015 instead of IN-8015 (RTSP) as camera model. You should now see the microphone and loudspeaker icon when you switch back to the Multiview tab.